Coolant and Freon Recharge

Coolant and Freon Recharge

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A lot of people think that in order for an air conditioner to work, they just need to turn it on. It’s a little more in-depth than that. It’s not as simple as turning on a fan, it requires a coolant like freon to produce cool air. Freon is a refrigerant that is used in a majority of AC units. Without freon or some other type of coolant, we aren’t able to adequately cool our homes or businesses down. Usually, whenever there is a problem with your air conditioner, such as taking a long time to cool down or there is warm air blowing from your vents, this could be a sign that the refrigerant lines in your air conditioner need to be recharged. If you think you need an AC coolant recharge, call Temperature Control Maintenance today! We offer freon recharge in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL. To speak with a technician about making an appointment, call us at (630) 333-9306.

Why You Need a Coolant or Freon Recharge

The biggest reason that a coolant or freon recharge service is necessary is that you need your AC to produce cool air. While that is the biggest factor, there are other reasons charging your freon is important.

  • Your freon needs to be recharged so you can avoid expensive energy bills.
  • Getting your freon recharged will prevent you from getting a leak in your refrigerant line.
  • Your air conditioning system will be able to work more efficiently.
  • You won’t have to suffer from the warm air blowing into every single room.

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At Temperature Control Maintenance, we want nothing more than our customers to have air conditioners that work reliably and effectively. If you are experiencing difficulties with ice on your AC system or not getting enough cold air, get in touch with our technicians for coolant or freon recharge in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL. We will inspect your air conditioner and determine if your AC needs its freon recharged or if it’s needing another air conditioning service. Call our expert team today at (630) 333-9306 to set up a convenient appointment time.