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The Importance of Annual Furnace Maintenance

inside of a furnace

The Inside of a Furnace is Complicated and Better Left Handled by Professionals

A lot of American households have furnaces, either a gas or electric furnace. A furnace is connected to the air duct system and heats air to blow warm air throughout the home. Furnaces can be connected to either gas or electric lines, but natural gas flames do heat air quicker. The difference between a furnace and an HVAC unit is that a furnace creates warm air, while the hot air feature on an HVAC unit just recycles and transfers air. Just like all HVAC appliances, a furnace does need maintenance to keep it in its best shape possible. If you have had your furnace for a long time or it has been awhile since you have had your’s inspected, call Temperature Control Maintenance at (630) 333-9306 to receive annual furnace maintenance in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL.

The Importance of Heating and Furnace Maintenance

While a furnace does work similarly to an air duct system where the filters have to be changed and the ducts vacuumed, improper cleaning could result in breaking the unit. Many homeowners have experienced this the hard way, not realizing that their improper maintenance is not covered in the furnace’s warranty. Not only will a properly maintained furnace help to make it last longer, but you’ll reap benefits like better energy efficiency. The parts in the furnace will be working their best, providing you with quickly heated air as a result of proper annual furnace maintenance.

Is Annual Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

repairman fixes a gas furnace

Annual Furnace Maintenance Is Important in Keeping Your HVAC System Running Smoothly

Just like you get annual water heater inspections to make sure your tank or tankless water heater isn’t having any problems, the same should be applied to your furnace. A furnace inspection is recommended once a year. This is where professional furnace maintenance service is given rather than furnace maintenance being provided regularly by the homeowner. That way the certified HVAC technician can examine your unit and make sure there are no hidden problems that an untrained eye might miss. Just like you go to the doctor or dentist bi yearly or annually just for a checkup even when you aren’t sick, the same applies to a furnace tune up or inspection. You’re just making sure everything is working the way it is supposed to and that there is no problems that need to be addressed. The crew at Temperature Control Maintenance are licensed and certified to perform annual furnace maintenance in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL. Contact us at (630) 333-9306 to schedule your furnace tune up today.

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

  • Improves and increases the lifespan of your furnace by up to 10 years
  • Provides better energy efficiency as your entire HVAC system won’t have to work so hard to produce warm air due to the malfunctioning furnace
  • Reveals any hidden problems with your furnace
  • Provides more powerful heat as there will be no blockages or leaks preventing loss of air or heating
  • Can reveal any gas leaks or gas line issues if you have a gas furnace
  • Catches problems before they cause your furnace to completely break down
  • Prevents you from having to pay emergency repair rates as your furnace will not break down because it is well maintained

What Does Annual Furnace Maintenance Include?

A heater tune up should be done by a professional and certified technician as some steps in the inspection and maintenance process involve taking apart the furnace in order to thoroughly clean it and putting it back together again. A homeowner doing this by themselves may end up doing more harm than good to their heating unit. While it might be cheaper to do it yourself than paying $100 to have it professionally maintained, breaking it will only end up costing you more in repair or replacement fees. For professional annual furnace maintenance in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL, call Temperature Control Maintenance at (630) 333-9306 today.

HVAC technician inspects furnace

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Annual Furnace Maintenance Check

Also it should be noted that tune up prices and services will vary depending on what HVAC company you hire to perform your annual furnace maintenance service. A good rule of thumb is the less you pay for your heater tune up, the less quality of an inspection you are going to get. But also don’t pay astronomically high rates thinking you’ll get premier service when all you’ll be getting is ripped off. Expect good furnace maintenance rates to range from $80- $200 max. The average price for a good and thorough inspection will be $100-150. When you call to schedule your annual furnace maintenance appointment, ask the HVAC contractor what they’ll be performing and looking for during the tune up. We have provided a quick list of the most crucial parts of the furnace that need to be checked below, so make sure these things are mentioned by the contractor.

Heating Maintenance Checklist

  • Check vents for clogs or leaks
  • Make sure the blower access door is tightly shut and seales
  • The fresh air intake grills are checked for blockages
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for rust
  • Make sure the burners are properly igniting, producing correct flame sense, and temperatures
  • Check drainage system (hoses, condensate drain and tap, trap) for clog and leaks and clean and replace water inside the trap
  • Change the filter
  • Check wiring for corrosion, breakages, or any other damages
  • Perform an amp-draw test on the blower motor
  • Remove the blower wheel and clean it of build up
  • Perform static air pressure check, gas pressure test, and temperature rise checks

Why Get Fall Heating Maintenance?

Heater Thermostat

Heater Failure Can Leave Your Family and Home in A Hazardous Situation.

As we get closer to the start of fall, now is the perfect time to get your home heating maintenance and furnace inspected. As temperatures drop, your home’s systems may be at risk of damage or failure if they do not receive the proper preparation. For many homeowners, frozen pipes and working heating are a big concern during the declining temperatures. How can you keep your heater ready for anything? Our team of expert technicians provide thorough inspection and maintenance for heaters and furnaces in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL.

Our Maintenance Checklist

  • Test Your Burners and Assess The Flame
  • Thorough Internal Cleaning, Including the Blower and Pilot
  • Change The Filter

During our maintenance, any issues that are found are brought to your attention and repaired. This ensures that your system is ready for when it is needed during those chilly days! Getting maintenance now can make the difference for your upcoming winter.

Are Annual Heater Inspections Really Necessary?

While it may seem like it is unneeded if your system turns on, maintenance can do more than you may realize. Having a technician maintain your system allows them to identify little issues before they turn into heating emergencies. Maintenance and inspection can also keep your warranty up to date as some require annual inspection at a minimum. Need furnace and heating maintenance in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL? The heating professionals at Temperature Control Maintenance are always available to ensure your system is ready for anything. Our service is designed to give you quality repair and ensure you can rely on your home heating. Give us a call at (630) 333-9306 for all of your heating needs!

Air Conditioning Tips To Save Energy

Whether you own a home or business, you know how important it is energy savings are. One of the best ways to save energy is through your air conditioning system and there are several ways you can do this. Through air conditioner service maintenance and other helpful points, you can ensure you get the best energy saving for your air conditioner.

How To Save Energy and Reduce Air Conditioner Costs

  • Air Conditioning Tips To Save Energy

    Get Air Conditioner Service That Will Help You Save On Energy.

    Increase Temperature When You’re Gone: Having the AC set at a comfortable temperature at your home or business is okay, but if you are gone, there is no use in having the air cranked. Lower the temp and see the savings!

  • Proper Duct Sealing: Another way to save energy on your cooling bills is to ensure your air ducts are properly sealed. Lots of air can escape if you don’t have the best insulation for your air ducts.
  • Use Portable or Ceiling Fans: Instead of lowering the temperature on the thermostat, use portable fans and ceiling fans to get extra cooling in your home or business. They use less energy than your AC, so they are a great device to use.
  • Get Preventative Maintenance: When you getting air conditioning maintenance, an HVAC technician is able to reduce any problems that might be costing you money in energy loss.
  • Turn Off the Lights: If you leave on lights or lamps, this can heat up your home or business, which will make you want to turn the AC lower. By turning off lights that you aren’t using, you can reduce any unwanted heat.

If you want to save money on energy savings, call us at (630) 333-9306 for air conditioner service in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL through the experts at Temperature Control Maintenance.

Summer Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Home

During the summer, it can be difficult to keep comfortable. You may find yourself or your loved ones adjusting the thermostat constantly, trying to get your home cooled down. However, with these adjustments and the heat of the season, your air conditioner will work harder, consuming more energy and raising your utility bills. How can you beat the heat and keep your home’s energy efficiency?  At Temperature Control Maintenance, we understand how tricky this can be, and have compiled a short list of some tips that can help you!

Our Tips

Home Energy Efficiency

Your Home Can Be Both Comfortable And Energy Efficient!

Use Your Windows And Natural Light: Your windows, blinds, and natural light can actually help with your home’s internal temperature and lower the need to use the AC. Adjusting or closing your blinds to control how much light (and heat) enters your home during the day, while at night you can turn off your AC and crack or open your windows to let some cool air in.

Set or Schedule Your Thermostat: There is a temptation to adjust your thermostat as necessary during the summer months to keep everyone comfortable. However, the best thing to do is to set it at a specific temperature for your home. Constant adjustment can overwork your system. Also, if you have a programmable thermostat, schedule on and off times around your schedule so your AC is only working when someone is home.

Help Your AC With Your Ceiling Fan: Your fan can actually assist your air conditioner in spreading cool air through your home by pushing the air around. Your fan will disperse it evenly as well. This means your home gets cooler quicker, your AC works less, and your energy efficiency remains intact.

Get AC Maintenance: Making sure your air conditioner is at its best can ensure the system will run efficiently. Damage can make your system use more energy to run and over time cause a complete breakdown.  Have your AC technician complete an inspection and repair any issues.

Temperature Control Maintenance is always available to assist you with quality AC repair and maintenance services for your home. Need to get started today? Call us at (630) 333-9306 to get your air conditioner service and increase your energy efficiency in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL.


When Is It Time For Water Heater Replacement?

Water Heater

There Are Many Signs To Look Out For When You Suspect This System May Fail.

Your water heater provides your home with hot water for all of its functions. That is why when it fails, it can be both surprising and cause problems for your daily routine. These systems can be very expensive so homeowners dread the day when they find they need a replacement. There is a simple way to be able to determine if you will need a replacement soon so that you can plan ahead. Consider the following questions and signs.

Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing

  • How Long Have You Had This Water Heater? – Water heaters on average have a life expectancy of up to twelve years. If it is getting close to this age or it was in your home before you were, it may be time to have it inspected for replacement.
  • Have You Noticed Rusty Water? – Discolored water can be a sign of worse things to come. This may mean that your system is internally rusting, which is flaking into the water. After a while, this can lead to leaks.
  • Is Your Water Heater Talking Back? – A noisy water heater may be trying to tell you something. Sediment from water builds up in these systems over the years and can harden in the system, causing the rumbling and noise you are hearing. Enough build up will damage the system beyond repair.
  • Is It Still Heating Up Your Water? – This is the most important question. The whole purpose of a system is to warm your home water. If you notice a decline in the amount of time the water is warm or it is taking longer and longer to heat, you may need a new water heater.

Temperature Control Maintenance offers you quality system installation for your home in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL. Want to get started on your new installation today? Give us a call at (630) 333-9306 for your needs.