How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Install a Water Heater

water heater installation

How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Install a Water Heater?

According to national estimates, it costs anywhere from five hundred to one-thousand dollars for a water heater installation. When considering the ultimate price of your water heater installation, consider the size of the unit and whether the water heater that you want has a tank or not. Tankless water heaters are more expensive than tank water heaters. Larger water heaters will be more costly than smaller water heaters. Whether you need electric heating system services or a water heater installation, it’s always important to contact a verified and insured company.

Can a Homeowner Install a Water Heater?

Legally speaking, most ordinances or codes allow homeowners to install their own water heater. That said, any professional plumber will caution against installing a water heater on one’s own. That is because there are many complicated processes involved, many tools, and there is the gas hookup to consider. A poorly installed water heater could lead to a gas leak or even an explosion. Returning back to the legal precedents, some jurisdictions do allow unlicensed citizens to install water heaters, but they still have to secure a permit and have it inspected for safety. Safety is the ultimate consideration, which is why there are some restrictions and regulations in place.

How Do I Install a New Hot Water Heater?

If you are going to undertake a water heater installation, it is always advisable to consult a licensed and insured professional first. Water heater installation is labor-intensive and requires training. For further brief information about how to install a water heater, please refer to the following bullet points.

  • The first thing that you will need to do is drain your current water heater tank. The water and gas supply will need to be shut off. You can then attach a garden hose to the drain valve and can then empty the tank. Allow air into the system by turning on a hot water faucet.
  • The next thing that you will need to do is disconnect the gas line and water lines. The gas line will need to be disconnected via two pipe wrenches. Next, you will use two adjustable wrenches or pipe wrenches to disconnect the water lines.
  • The third step is to detach the gas exhaust from the flue hat. For this process, you will need a screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • Finally, you can set the new water heater in place
  • The heat trap fittings will need to be fitted and installed.
  • New water line connections will need to be installed.
  • The gas supply line will need to be connected.
  • The gas line must be tested for leaks.
  • You can now light the pilot light.
  • The final step is turning the control knob on.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a 50 Gallon Water Heater?

For a fifty-gallon water heater tank installation, the average cost ranges from between $795 and $2,800 for the unit and installation. 

How Do You Know a Water Heater is Going Bad?

There are a number of different ways homeowners can determine if they need a new water heater. The first is by calculating the current age of the water heater. Most water heaters generally last between ten to fifteen years. After fifteen years, it’s a good idea for homeowners to get a water heater inspection. When the internal parts of the water heater are corroded or encased in a mineral buildup, the water heater falls into decline.

How Water Heater Installation

When you determine that you need a new water heater, the next step is crucial. If you don’t already have a trusted and reliable plumbing company, now is the time to step up the search. Ask a friend or neighbor for a plumbing company recommendation. After you have pursued that lead, please conduct an internet search by typing in ‘water heater installation near me.’ This is a great search term because a list of nearby plumbing companies will come up in your search. Select a company that has good reviews and relevant services. Next, give them a call and describe what’s going on with your water heater.

How Electric Water Heater Installation

Electric water heaters differ from gas water heaters in that they run on electricity rather than gas. In many areas of the country, gas is cheaper than electricity, which is why gas water heaters are more popular. In terms of how to install your electric water heater, it is again advisable to consult a professional insured plumber. He or she will be able to remove the old water heater and replace it with a specific unit that will suit your needs. There won’t be any need to utilize gas for the installation, which removes one precautionary measure that is expected in gas water heater installations. 

Water Heater Insulation Blanket

There are many ways for homeowners to conserve energy in their homes. One of these ways is through procuring a hot water heater blanket. These insulation blankets are made from foil and fiberglass and are rated based upon their R-value. 

Water heater installation is important for homeowners

Water Heater Installation Average Cost

The average cost for a water heater does vary across the country. This is due to the fact that water heaters are different sizes and will cost different amounts depending on the associated cost of living. Generally, the range extends from five hundred dollars to one thousand dollars.

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