Do You Need a Whole Home Humidifier?

Technician Installng a Whole Home Humidifier

A Whole Home Humidifier Can Help Make Your Home More Comfortable and Your AIr More Healthy.

During the Winter months, you may notice that your home’s air is drier than normal, leading to static problems and itchy skin. This is because as most heating systems warm your air, it also evaporates the moisture that naturally occurs. This leaves your home’s air dry and uncomfortable. If you’re battling the dry effects of Winter, a whole house humidifier could help. These systems provide humidity throughout your home to keep your air moist and comfortable. But which whole house humidifier is best for your home? Finding out about each system type, benefits, and costs can help you decide on the ideal system for your home.

Whole Home Humidifier- Good or Bad?

Many homeowners have questions and concerns about the legitimacy of whole home humidifiers vs room humidifiers. While single room humidifiers can be moved from room to room, this process can become a frustrating hassle over time, especially if it’s moved often. Room humidifiers also offer only a selective space coverage which leaves the rest of your home’s air dry and irritating. When using a total home humidifier, there is no need to move the unit to enjoy more moist air throughout your home. These systems work directly from your heating system to ensure your entire home can enjoy more comfortable conditions, no matter which room they are in.

How do Whole Home Humidifiers Work?

Whole home humidifiers are installed directly to your heating system and provide either water or steam into the air as it passes through to your vent system. This ensures the air in your home has ample moisture to avoid frustrations and problems that come with dry air. Every time your heating system activates, the humidifier springs into action to provide either water or steam exposure that is then carried into the vent system for distribution. The moist air provides a type of insulation for your home, holding in warm air for better HVAC performance and decreased energy use.

What are the Benefits of Whole Home Humidifiers?

Along with more comfortable conditions, humidifiers provide your home with many substantial benefits. From, better health conditions to higher air quality, your home can be more efficient and healthier when using a whole house humidifier. In fact, home humidifier furnace systems can alleviate asthma, allergy, sensitive skin, and other health issues.

  • Respiratory Irritation
  • Static Cling
  • Dry, Itchy Skin
  • Less Heating Efficiency

Many homeowners are continuously looking for ways to make their home more efficient and effective. Along with metal roofing which helps preserve the heat in your home humidifiers can help create an environment that holds heat, allowing your heater have less wear and tear and use less energy. This allows your HVAC system to be more efficient and effective while using less energy.

What is the Best Humidifier for Furnace Installation?

With so many whole house humidifiers available, it can be difficult to know which type will be best for your home. For best results, consider what you’re looking for in a system. Units vary by coverage area, strength, and even technical usability. Some humidifiers have lifetime filtration system while other use filters that must be changed over time. A home humidification expert can provide the details you need for each system to help you identify the perfect humidifier for our needs. Questions to ask before purchasing your whole home humidifier include:

  • Will it cover the area of my home?
  • What type of filtration system does it use?
  • Is it compatible with my furnace?
  • Is it smart control capable?

Having a general idea of what you’re looking for in your whole home humidifier system will help you choose a unit that delivers the benefits you value most.

Do Whole House Humidifiers Cause Mold?

While any humidification can cause mold when used incorrectly, most systems don’t succumb to this problem. When too much moisture is in the air for an extended amount of time, mold can begin to grow around baseboards, on ceilings, and anywhere else where the air is stagnant. However, using the correct size and settings for your humidifier will ensure that mold growth isn’t a problem. A professional technician can help you ensure that you choose a system that will provide your home with just the right amount of moisture to prevent mold growth.

Selecting the right whole home humidifier for your home can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor. From portable systems to whole house systems, the choices are limitless. Let the Temperature Control Maintenance team help you find the perfect unit for your home. Our knowledgeable experts provide detailed guidance about each unit such as performance, costs, and lifespan to ensure you have the information you need to make an educated decision. We will also install your whole home humidifier system throughout the Roselle and Schaumburg, IL area to ensure that your family can start enjoying more comfortable air immediately. Call us today at __PHONE__ to schedule your appointment or to learn more about your humidification options.