Summer Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Home

During the summer, it can be difficult to keep comfortable. You may find yourself or your loved ones adjusting the thermostat constantly, trying to get your home cooled down. However, with these adjustments and the heat of the season, your air conditioner will work harder, consuming more energy and raising your utility bills. How can you beat the heat and keep your home’s energy efficiency?  At Temperature Control Maintenance, we understand how tricky this can be, and have compiled a short list of some tips that can help you!

Our Tips

Home Energy Efficiency

Your Home Can Be Both Comfortable And Energy Efficient!

Use Your Windows And Natural Light: Your windows, blinds, and natural light can actually help with your home’s internal temperature and lower the need to use the AC. Adjusting or closing your blinds to control how much light (and heat) enters your home during the day, while at night you can turn off your AC and crack or open your windows to let some cool air in.

Set or Schedule Your Thermostat: There is a temptation to adjust your thermostat as necessary during the summer months to keep everyone comfortable. However, the best thing to do is to set it at a specific temperature for your home. Constant adjustment can overwork your system. Also, if you have a programmable thermostat, schedule on and off times around your schedule so your AC is only working when someone is home.

Help Your AC With Your Ceiling Fan: Your fan can actually assist your air conditioner in spreading cool air through your home by pushing the air around. Your fan will disperse it evenly as well. This means your home gets cooler quicker, your AC works less, and your energy efficiency remains intact.

Get AC Maintenance: Making sure your air conditioner is at its best can ensure the system will run efficiently. Damage can make your system use more energy to run and over time cause a complete breakdown.  Have your AC technician complete an inspection and repair any issues.

Temperature Control Maintenance is always available to assist you with quality AC repair and maintenance services for your home. Need to get started today? Call us at (630) 333-9306 to get your air conditioner service and increase your energy efficiency in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL.