Water Heater Repair in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL

Water Heater Repair

For Water Heater Repair in Roselle, IL, and Schaumburg, IL, Call Temperature Control Maintenance!

Gurgling noises or pools of water around your water heater are signs your water heater needs service. Water heaters are a piece of plumbing with a rather demanding job. Any time you turn a hot water knob, they are expected to heat and send the water as quickly as possible. When they fail, it can be frustrating and a hindrance for you. Temperature Control Maintenance understands that water heaters need to be up and running as quickly as possible, which is why we offer heater repair in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL. We are able to inspect your water heater and determine if it needs repair service and what type of repair will solve your problem. We provide water heater repair services for gas, propane, and electric water heaters. On top of our water heater repairs, we also offer water heater installation and replacement for electric, gas, propane, and tankless water heaters. Our knowledgeable technicians can get your specific water heater in commission with thorough repairs and other services. Give us a call today at (630) 333-9306 for water heater service!

Other Water Heater Services

Other Water Heater Services

In Addition To Water Heater Repair, We Offer Other Water Heater Services.

Water heaters have an average life expectancy of eight to ten years. While some vary, manufacturers suggest that at this time you should replace water heaters. Some other problems can lead to replacement becoming a necessity. In some instances, leaks at the bottom of water heaters and even the way it functions could be an indicator that it is time to seek a new model. However, we caution that an inspection should always happen prior to resigning yourself to a new water heater, especially if your current model is younger than ten years. This is because it may be an electric or sediment issue that can be repaired.

When replacement becomes necessary, there are a variety of options that may fit your needs. We Have a number of water heaters to choose from. Our technicians can inspect your unit and recommend the correct water heater size and style that meets your home or business needs. In addition to our water heater replacement services, we also offer water heater installation for several water heater types. Just like a water heater replacement, we will work closely with our customers to find the correct water heater for their home or business. Below are the water heater replacement installations we offer.

If you need a water heater replacement or installation, please call us today at (630) 333-9306. We provide thorough and detailed inspections to determine what service and water heater you need. If you think you need water heater repair in Roselle and Schaumburg, IL, feel free to make an appointment with our technicians.

Professional Water Heater Repair and Other Services

Professional Water Heater Repair and Other Services

When You Need Water Heater Repair, Installation, Or Replacement, Get In Touch with Us!

When you need water heater repair in Roselle, IL, and Lombard, IL, you can depend on Temperature Control Maintenance for our reliable and professional services. Our fully-insured and licensed technicians are able to provide not only high-quality water heater repairs, but superior water heater installation and replacement service. No matter what kind of water heater brand you need repaired, replaced, or want to install in your home or business, our technicians have experience servicing many kinds of water heater brands like Whirlpool, Rheem, and Kenmore. You will not be disappointed with our water heater service, as we take extra care in every single service that we perform. Call (630) 333-9306 if you want like to speak to a technician about making an appointment for water heater services for your home or business.