When Is It Time For Water Heater Replacement?

Water Heater

There Are Many Signs To Look Out For When You Suspect This System May Fail.

Your water heater provides your home with hot water for all of its functions. That is why when it fails, it can be both surprising and cause problems for your daily routine. These systems can be very expensive so homeowners dread the day when they find they need a replacement. There is a simple way to be able to determine if you will need a replacement soon so that you can plan ahead. Consider the following questions and signs.

Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing

  • How Long Have You Had This Water Heater? – Water heaters on average have a life expectancy of up to twelve years. If it is getting close to this age or it was in your home before you were, it may be time to have it inspected for replacement.
  • Have You Noticed Rusty Water? – Discolored water can be a sign of worse things to come. This may mean that your system is internally rusting, which is flaking into the water. After a while, this can lead to leaks.
  • Is Your Water Heater Talking Back? – A noisy water heater may be trying to tell you something. Sediment from water builds up in these systems over the years and can harden in the system, causing the rumbling and noise you are hearing. Enough build up will damage the system beyond repair.
  • Is It Still Heating Up Your Water? – This is the most important question. The whole purpose of a system is to warm your home water. If you notice a decline in the amount of time the water is warm or it is taking longer and longer to heat, you may need a new water heater.

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